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Arts and Crafts
Firework Napkins

napkin1Decorate your napkins for the Fourth of July!

Materials and Preparation

Get the necessary supplies: 
• paint (red, blue, and yellow)
• napkins
• kitchen brush with bristles.

1.  Lay out all the napkins you intend to decorate.

2. Lightly dip the brush in the blue paint and smudge each napkin.


3. Thoroughly wash the brush with water to ensure that the blue paint is completely washed off.

4.  Dip the brush in the red paint. Smudge lightly over the blue paint several times.


5.  Thoroughly wash the red paint off the brush.

6. Lightly dip brush again in yellow paint. Mark a couple of yellow imprints to give a nice, yet simple, fireworks effect.


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