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Fourth of July 

The Fourth of July is one of America’s most patriotic holidays.
Our site can help you make your family’s celebration more meaningful.

the storyThe Story

An illustrated story of the holiday.

ideasImportant Ideas

The important civic ideas idealized by the holiday.

heroesHoliday Heroes

Profiles of key personalities who contributed to our nation’s founding.

mythsIdeals and Realities

Myths, misunderstandings, or controversies associated with the holiday.


Facsimiles, transcriptions, and explications of documents.


The symbols and meanings of the holiday.

around the tableAround the Table

Ways for families and communities to commemorate the holiday.

theaterHoliday Theater

Skits, plays, readers’ theaters, films, and music.

gamesTrivia,  Fun,  and Games

Trivia, puzzles, games, and other fun activities for children and families.

craftsArts and Crafts

A selection of art and craft projects for younger children to create.

share your storyShare Your Celebration

Share your holiday memories.