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Holiday Theater
Boston Plays

Constitution Day Activity

The Boston Plays are short plays about problems the colonists had with the British government.  Explain that America was once ruled by England, then read the Boston Plays with your students. Share the related amendments from the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, having students guess which amendment addresses the situation presented in each play.

Boston Play—Searches and Seizures, 4th Amendment (pdf)
Boston Play—Quartering Soldiers, 3rd Amendment (pdf)
Boston Play—Public Assembly, 1st Amendment (pdf)
Boston Play—Trial by Jury, 6th and 7th Amendments (pdf)

Activity: What the Bill of Rights Has to Say

Perform the plays. After the first play, explain that the U.S. Constitution requires that the U.S. Congress vote on every federal tax, so we no longer have taxation without representation. After the other plays, distribute the Bill of Rights (pdf) and see who can find the right that protects against the government abuse described in each play.

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