Important Ideas

us_house_chamberBefore the American Revolution, many Americans complained that the British Parliament was taxing them. They said that this was unfair because Americans had no representatives in Parliament. In other words, Americans could not vote for members of Parliament. The slogan caught on: “No taxation without representation.”

The Declaration of Independence also complained that the king had closed down representative governments in the colonies. By closing them down, the king had violated the rights of a free people.

Today, every citizen in the United States is represented in government at all levels.

In the national government, every citizen over 18 can vote for two U.S. senators and one member of the House of Representatives.

In state government, every citizen over 18 can vote for representatives in the state legislature.

The same is true for representatives in county and city governments.

Important Ideas | democracy | consent of the governed | equality | independence | liberty | pursuit of happinessunalienable and natural rights 

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